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Surveillance Training

This course is one of the most comprehensive physical surveillance training programs in the nation. The training is divided into both classroom training and field exercises. Law enforcement officers are often put in a position that requires them to conduct physical surveillance, often with little to no training. This can compromise officer safety, but it can also jeopardize an investigation. We prepare the student to work in a team environment, conducting fixed and moving surveillance with a vehicle and while on foot.

This class is limited to 16 attendees and is taught by multiple instructors who have extensive task force experience with an emphasis on surveillance and gathering evidence for search warrants. Students will be supervised while learning in the classroom, as well as the surrounding area. Instruction times will include one evening /night during the week.

Training topics will include:

  • Fundamentals of conducting surveillance

  • Fixed vs. moving surveillance

  • Gathering information through technological and covert means

  • GPS monitoring and warrants

  • Equipment familiarization (GPS, night vision, communication, video)

  • Documentation / Collecting evidence

  • Risk vs benefit

  • Working as part of a team

  • Conducting "Wall" stops

  • Assuming the role of case agent

  • Prohibited surveillance practices / Legal restrictions

  • Deconfliction practices and responsibilities

  • Ops plans

  • Officer safety

Upon completion, students will be prepared to conduct a fixed, moving or electronic surveillance by working alone or as part of a surveillance  team. This is excellent training for the new detective or for a newly assigned task force officer. This is a three day training. Cost $595

*Attendees must attend with a unmarked vehicle. A signed release of liability will also be required from each attendee and their respective law enforcement agency. Part of this training will take place during nighttime hours.


Class Dates


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John Pallas - Deputy Chief (Ret) - State of TN

ProFirst Training | Surveillance Training Courses in The USA

John Pallas
Deputy Chief (Ret) State of TN

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